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Buildingplaques.com makes it easy to build high quality, customized plaques to showcase the elements of your project the earn LEED® certification.


  • Communication of the Design Elements that Earn LEED – let visitors know the elements of your design that earn LEED certification, both showcasing the design and educating the public about LEED.
  • Less Cost and Faster Lead Time than Made-to-Order Architectural Signage – our Plaque Designer™ links directly with USGBC’s database, allowing you to design a high-end, customized LEED Recognition Plaque in fewer than 10 minutes.
  • Sustainable Materials & Processes – buildingplaques.com utilizes sustainable materials and printing methods. Designed for permanency, our plaques will not need to be replaced. If replacement is desired, the materials are 100% recyclable and contain no VOCs or off-gassing.

To learn more, download the buildingplaques.com brochure or read our press release.

Buildingplaques.com is a division of Metalphoto of Cincinnati, a privately held developer and manufacturer of high value, high quality printable aluminum materials.



The U.S. Green Building Council® has authorized buildingplaques.com to produce and distribute LEED® Recognition Plaques. For inquiries regarding the use of USGBC proprietary marks, please contact [email protected].

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