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LEED® Recognition Plaques

A LEED Recognition Plaque identifies the elements of your design that earn LEED certification and acknowledge key project members. This makes a LEED plaque from buildingplaques.com a great way to both showcase your project and educate visitors about LEED, the preeminent program for the design, construction, maintenance and operations of high-performance green buildings.

To start designing your custom plaque, first select a design style and input your LEED project number.  Next, use our Plaque DesignerTM to fill out the information relevant to your project’s LEED certification.  Finally, add any additional information you would like featured on the plaque and upload an image of your project. Consequently, in fewer than 10 minutes you will create a durable, modern LEED plaque design customized to your project.

We create our LEED plaques using architectural grade anodized aluminum. Because we image our plaques using a sub-surface printing method, our LEED plaques are easy to clean, graffiti proof and resistant to fading from UV rays exposure. Your LEED plaque will arrive ready for installation with included mounting hardware.

We create our LEED plaques using sustainable materials, printing processes and fabrication methods.  To learn more about our plaques and how they’re created, visit our Materials page.

To compare our LEED Recognition Plaques to other LEED recognition signage options, read the article “Understanding the Importance of LEED Signage.”


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