LEED Recognition Plaque Installation Guide

Quickly and easily install your LEED Recognition Plaque by following the simple steps below:

Included with each LEED Recognition Plaque

  • 4 stainless steel standoffs
  • 8 plastic washers
  • 4 Phillips head screws
  • 4 drywall anchors

*Installation into concrete or brick will require concrete screws (not supplied).

Required Tools

  • Phillips head screw driver
  • drill/drill bits
  • pencil or marker

1. Prepare Mounting Location

  • Hold the plaque up to the wall where you want to mount it. This step is often easier with two people to sight the ideal mounting height & location.
  • Use a level to level the plaque.
  • Once you’ve picked the ideal mounting spot, use the plaque’s pre-drilled holes as a template to mark your mount points on the wall.

2. Mount the Stand-off Barrels

  • Set the plaque aside and drill four holes into the mounting surface where you previously marked your mount points. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the mounting screw.
  • If you are mounting into drywall, insert the anchor into the hole you drilled. You may tap lightly with a hammer or mallet to get the anchor flush with the wall.
  • Place the screw in the barrel and screw it into the wall until the barrel is snug. Do not over tighten.

3. Attach the Plaque

  • Now simply hold the plaque over the mounted barrels and hand screw the standoff caps into the barrels.
  • Once the top two caps are snug, you can screw in and tighten all four standoffs.

Download LEED Recognition Plaque Installtion Guide PDF

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