About Our LEED® Recognition Plaques

How do I install my plaque on the wall?

Each plaque comes with four metal standoffs included for easy wall mounting. Simply determine the desired placement of the plaque on the wall, and then drill holes at each corner for the standoffs. Then use the included screws or your own specialty screws to attach the four standoff bases to the wall, and then use the standoff heads to securely attach the plaque to the standoffs. More detailed installation instructions are included with every plaque.

How do I safely clean my plaque?

If the plaque becomes dusty, dirty or fingerprinted, simply use water with a mild soap and a soft cloth to wipe down the plaque. It is best to wipe across the plaque in the same direction as the metal grain.

Why can't I use the full-color plaques outdoors?

No ink is completely resistant to the sun’s UV rays, and because the full color plaques are printed using inkjet inks, the image will eventually fade in direct sunlight. For the grayscale plaques, however, the image is UV stable, and will therefore remain readable after 20+ years of sunlight/weather exposure. For more information on either material options, please visit the Materials page.

Customizing & Ordering Your LEED Recognition Plaque

What can I customize on my LEED® Recognition Plaque and how do I do it?

Each plaque is customized based on your LEED certified project. You can easily customize your plaque using our Plaque Designer. You will start by selecting a plaque and orientation. The next step is to choose a size and enter your LEED Project ID. Using your LEED Project ID we will import details about your project, which you can then change if you’d like. To learn more about the entire process of creating your own LEED plaque, please visit our How It Works page.Your LEED® Recognition Plaque will feature: Project Name, Architect (optional), Builder (optional), Owner (optional), Project Description (optional), Uploaded Project Image/Blueprint/Drawing, LEED Certification Date, LEED Certification Level, Total Combined Score & Category Scores, LEED Rating System & the applicable LEED Certification Mark.

Why is a LEED Project ID Number required?

In order to ensure that the plaque you’ve designed corresponds to an approved LEED project. If your project does not have a LEED Project ID Number, please contact USGBC.

Why did I get this message "We were unable to verify your LEED Project ID!" and what do I do?

We will not make plaques representing a project that is not certified and approved by USGBC. We were unable to verify your project using the LEED Project ID Number you entered. If your project is registered with USGBC, then this could happen for a few reasons:

  • Your project is confidential.
  • Your project is registered, but hasn’t been certified or issued a LEED Project ID Number.
  • Your project has not been added or is missing from USGBC’s database.

If any of these conditions applies to your project, you are still able to place an order. You may continue and order your plaque through our website, and we will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your order. We may contact you either by email or phone using the information you enter during checkout and if you have a preference or can only be reached during specific times please include this in the order notes section during checkout. We will ask you for additional information about your project in order to verify and create your customized LEED® Recognition Plaque. You may also place your order or obtain more information by contacting us.

Where do I upload my project image, blueprint or drawing?

Each plaque will feature a high-res image that you may select and upload. Once you have customized your plaque(s) and have completed the checkout process, you will be prompted to upload an image for each plaque you purchased. Since we require a large, high-resolution image (see specifications provided under the next question) these files can be very large and may take several minutes to upload. Also, if you do not have the image or would like to have someone else, such as a graphic designer, provide the image, you may still customize and purchase your LEED® Recognition Plaque and then upload the image later. You may also contact us to arrange delivery of your desired image via email if you prefer.

What are the required specifications for the image, blueprint or drawing I can upload for my plaque?

Your plaque will feature a high-resolution image, blueprint or drawing of your choosing that represents your project. The minimum recommended size and resolution varies depending on the size and orientation of the plaque you choose:

For 35″ x 23″ Landscape Orientation Plaques, the minimum recommended image size and resolution is:

  • 19.5″ x 13″
  • 200 ppi
  • 3900 px x 2600 px

For 24″ x 18″ Landscape Orientation Plaques, the minimum recommended image size and resolution is:

  • 14″ x 9″
  • 200 ppi
  • 2800 px x 1800 px

For 23″ x 35″ Portrait Orientation Plaques, the minimum recommended image size and resolution is:

  • 9.5″ x 14.25″
  • 200 ppi
  • 2850 px x 4275 px

For 18″ x 24″ Portrait Orientation Plaques, the minimum recommended image size and resolution is:

  • 6″ x 12.75″
  • 200 ppi
  • 1200 px x 2550 px

When in the process does the card get charged?

We will obtain authorization for the credit card charges when we process your order. Your credit card will be charged when your order is placed because it is a custom order item. Two to three business days after you submit your order we will email you a low-res proof. Production will not begin on your plaque until you approve the proof. If you do not approve the proof or reply within 30 days, we will cancel your order and refund your money.

Can I change the information or image on my plaque?

Because each plaque is custom made to feature your project and specifications, a low-res proof will be emailed to you within two to three business days of the placement of your order. Any changes to the information featured on the plaque should be addressed at this time. Production of your plaque begins immediately after the approval of the proof is received, and after this time, no changes can be made to the information on the plaque.

How long will it take for my plaque to ship?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to produce your plaque after artwork approval, assume about five business days for shipping.

Other Questions

Can I use Metalphoto for other architectural projects?

Metalphoto is manufactured exclusively by Horizons Incorporated Imaging Systems Group. Metalphoto of Cincinnati to learn more about Metalphoto and how it can be used for your architectural signage projects.

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